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The Door Into War

"...a rattling good yarn."
"This was a good story."
Full reviews, Goodreads

"...a fresh and innovative approach to genre blending."  Full review.
 Carole Ann Moleti, fiction reviewer, Tangent Online and The Portal.
The Footholder's Tale

"...a wonderful mix of jealousy and rivalry all told rather skilfully."
"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.  The story gripped me and I finished it in three days."
"And enjoyable read and well written."
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"Steeped and mysticism and rich in lore...Super read, I really enjoyed."
"Touching, beautifully written, atmospheric and historically accurate."
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The Torridon Witches

"...horror so real you're there with the characters."
Full review
Carole Ann Moleti, fiction reviewer, Tangent Online and The Portal.
Art Class

"...this quick, enjoyable read..."
 Full review
Gianna Bruno, author, Eternal Press.

"Try it, you won't be disappointed."
Full review
Neil Evans, writer.

The Well

"I was rivited from beginning to end..."
Full review
Carole Ann Moleti, fiction reviewer, Tangent Online and The Portal.

"...the tension [is] almost unbearable at times."
Full review
Philip McCormac, author.

"...The Well doesn't disappoint."
Full review
Roland de Nedde, assistant editor, Abyss & Apex Magazine.

"...a very strong piece..."
Full review
Neil Evans, writer.
The Doe and The Dragon

"I've seen this novel from the first draft to the last one, and loved it."
Full review 
Carole Ann Moleti, fiction reviewer, Tangent Online and The Portal.

"...a grim but spellbinding tale..."
Full review
Philip McCormac, author, Black Horse Westerns.

" takes you off to the past where religion ruled the world more so than men and where spirits could take over your soul and haunt you."
Full review
Courtney Rene, author.
The Shoot

"Sexy, Fast paced, Stimulating and a good erotic read."
Full review (17/20!)
Seriously Reviewed

"I was moved by the sensitive portrayal of female friendship and a woman’s struggle with her sexual identity."
Full review
Gianna Bruno, author, Eternal Press

"...I'll...have to admit that I actually enjoyed it..."
Full review
Neil Evans, writer.
The Wood

"...I'd say it's excellent!" (5/5!)
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"...skilled pacing..."
Full review at bottom of this page

"...this one really did grab my attention and hold it."
Full review (see 2/3 down page)

" enjoyable, fast-paced romp through fantasy and horror."
Carole Johnstone, author, Eternal Press and others

"...struggled to put it down.."
Neil Evans, writer.
Andraste's Blade
"...I'd suggest reading this only during the day."
Full review
Cathy Chance on Amazon 

Static Multimedia's review of 'The Wood' (no longer available online)

A group of nine people head out on what should be a live fantasy role playing game, but it develops into a violent test of survival in Andrew Richardson's latest book The Wood.  This suspenseful novel will please readers who love tales of unbeatable odds like Scott Smith's The Ruins.  Richardson turnes up the dial to eleven on the graphic violence in some parts, so squeamish readers, beware.

Kath Mahoney, the main character, has co-authored a book that debunks superstitions surrounding Celtic myths and legends. Her plans to celebrate the upcoming release include participating in “The Irish Myth Quest” a live Celtic role playing game set up in a remote part of the Irish countryside. She and her undergrad research assistant Aaron meet up with friends Max and Pippa at the designated site to wait for her collaborator, historical novelist Darren Buchanan. When the small group is assembled, they are told by the “Arch-druid” that the gods will not favor their journey unless the group totals nine. By luck several backpackers arrive to round out their number and the group is sent on its way with a warning never to stray off the path.

Emerging from what seems an authentic tomb beneath a mound, the nine friends and strangers find themselves on a path lined on both sides with skulls. Soon they become aware that the wood surrounding them holds man-wolves who can rip apart prey with the swipe of a clawed hand and Fomorians, grossly deformed humanoids. Most of the evil beings seem able to touch the band of travelers unless they cross the path's boundaries or its line is broken. Kath and her companions expect well-done special effects to entertain them on their adventure, but as they test the limits of the supposed magical boundary, it soon becomes apparent why the swords they were given are real: they have entered the actual Celtic Otherworld and the threat of death is real, not part of game of make-believe.

The Wood delivers enough gore, fights to the death, and desperate flights for safety to satisfy any horror fan. The skilled pacing and the gruesome fantasy elements cry out for it to be made into a movie. With the right script and production values this could be Underworld-meets-Aliens good.

If Richardson taps into the potential shown in this novel and polishes up his style, he could easily go beyond a simple thrills-and-chills level writer and become a big name in the suspense and horror genres.  Even though this is meant to be a page turner -- and succeeds in that -- in some cases the tidbits of Celtic lore he weaves into the story could be explored in more depth and form a stronger connection to the characters' dilemmas and reactions.  With several of the characters established as experts in the myths and legends, there was ample opportunity for additional unobtrusive exposition, which could have produced a richer experience for the reader.

The Wood is Richardson's second published novel.  His first, Andraste's Blade, published by Dark Realm Press, is available on Amazon. review of 'The Wood' (no longer available online)
(Five out of Five!)

Kathleen Mahoney was never a believer in ancient myth, so much so that she wrote a book demystifying the Celtic Legends. In celebration of the book’s launch, Kath along with a group of friends and some new acquaintances are invited to join in a role playing adventure focusing on the stories she has sought to disprove. The group soon find themselves in a mysterious wood, a dark evil place filled with menace. Is it really the Otherworld?  At first they believe it is all a game; however Kath and the others began to meet creatures, creatures straight from the Celtic myths. They soon find themselves in a violent struggle for survival, fighting against beasts and beings none of them thought, still or even ever existed.

All I can say is this story grabs you right from the first pages.  I found The Wood to be a fast paced horror story that will thrill most horror fans. From the small band of player’s first unexplained encounters till the unforeseen end I found myself drawn into the story, hoping for a good outcome. The author has put together a first-rate cast of characters, human and not, and a very good story line. I liked it very much; in fact, I’d say it’s excellent.